2020 has been a long year, and we all have good reason to think about this year’s home decor trends. The pandemic has impacted a lot of industries, and home interior design is no exception. Today, more people are spending their time indoors, and not only are they on the lookout for comfort, but they are also reimagining their living spaces to meet today’s changing lifestyle. That may call for designing a spare room for remote learning and Zoom meetings, identifying a smart pantry organizing solution, adding more warmth and personality in the family room, or creating a functional home office. Yes, just about every area of a home is a good candidate for a refresh.

Because of this, we at Hogan Homes couldn’t help but check out the 2021 home décor trends. If you are a design buff, we invite you to read on to find out what can be expected from the design world – from durable fabrics, chic paint colors, smart lighting, indoor plants, and more!

Livable luxury

This year may just be about flexibility in design and livable luxury. A lot of people have had to transition in 2020, that they are rethinking the spaces that they use less and embracing furniture concepts that have a dual purpose. This year, people will be looking for ways to reimagine their homes, as it makes less sense to dedicate an entire room for a single purpose. Many are leaning towards comfortable upholstery, creative design and storage solutions, durable fabrics, and furniture pieces that are chic and versatile.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants and trees are proving to be a mainstay in home design. They bring in the calm and clarity of nature indoors, they freshen the home’s air quality, and above all, caring for them is both life-affirming and grounding. Having a collection of indoor plants is a win-win on many levels – functional, aesthetic, and mental.

Edible plants are also growing in popularity. Having your own freshly grown vegetables and indoor herbs is ideal for a lot of people. They come in an assortment of sizes, perfect for a sunny window in the kitchen.

Decorative smart lighting

More and more people are interested in making their home a functional and comfortable living space. For example, getting rid of regular incandescent bulbs and replacing them with smart lighting options will allow you to create an ambience to suit your needs – whether that’s remote learning, relaxing in the living room, or making preparations for the family meal.

Earthy textures and palettes

Think lots of rattan, camel hues, or deep, neutralized colors like burnt orange and olive green. Whether it’s rustic light oak or Scandinavian blonde, people are choosing lighter-toned earthy hues to replace darker shades. Earthy palettes can be easy to design to create a modern look and is uplifting, comfortable, and cozy. It can create the illusion of a bigger room as light wood can reinforce a feeling of more space.

More natural light

With a lot of people looking into making their lives more centered, comfortable, and calm, it makes sense that Zen décor will continue to rise in popularity. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the Zen feel into your home is to maximize the natural light. Out with the overly-patterned and heavy window treatments. Light and airy is in!

We are ready for the 2021 home décor trends because it makes us feel at home. The past year has surely given us a different perspective and a deeper appreciation for the role our home plays in our lives.

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