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When you come to close on your new home, you’ll sign what probably will be the most important financial document of your life – your mortgage loan contract. Obtaining your mortgage and getting the best possible mortgage terms involves a few hurdles and some stamina. That’s where your caring Hogan Homes Sales Counselor comes in. He or she is there to help guide and assist you throughout your home financing process process.

Home Buying Made Simple

  1. Select a lender. Your Hogan Homes Sales Counselor will help narrow the selection for you to a few preferred lenders based on your financial needs.
  2. Choose the right mortgage. Your Hogan Homes Sales Counselor will help identify the best mortgage options and ultimately an agreement that’s right for you long-term.
  3. Complete your mortgage application package and submit it to your lender.
  4. Provide financial statements such as W2s for the past two years, pay stubs for the most recent months, and bank statements from the last three months along with any other information your lender may require.

Your lender will verify the information you provide and make an offer regarding your mortgage. When your mortgage is approved, you will establish a settlement date based on the completion of your new home.

Getting a mortgage, especially for the first time, can be a little daunting. Hogan Homes Sales Counselors can help ease the process and find both a home and the best financial agreement to work for you and your family for years to come.

Hogan Homes Preferred Lenders

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