At Hogan Homes, team members like Kelsey Renteria make sure your home-building journey is enjoyable every step of the way.


Meet Our Sales Manager, Kelsey Renteria! She’s been part of the Hogan Homes team for the past 8 years. One chat, and you’ll realize her superpower is the ability to make anything fun. It’s how she’s able to bring excitement into each step of the building process, so customers start creating happy memories before they even step foot in their new home.

In addition to overseeing our sales team, Kelsey covers Terra Mar, Peaceful Estates, Starlight Estates and Kings Landing. She’s also a Hogan Homes customer-recently purchasing a second Hogan Home for herself along with her husband.

“As a two-time buyer of a Hogan Home, I enjoyed both of those building processes-and I do everything I can to make sure my customers feel the same way.”

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