By: Kelsey Renteria

Like most Corpus Christi residents, our home journey began because we were tired of paying so much in rent that was never going anywhere for us. I chose the neighborhoods in Terra Mar after hearing good things from folks I worked with in an appraisal firm. I liked the look of the homes and appreciated the general maintenance of the neighborhood. We initially stopped by the model wanting to “just look”, the thought of being able to afford an actual home of our own at that point seemed very distant.

We met with the sales counselor who easily convinced us it wasn’t improbable nor impossible but a close reality. Heading home after that first visit, I remember both of us feeling giddy and in awe that this was something we were beginning to really consider. My husband, who researches everything, went straight to the computer to learn what he could about Hogan Homes. He looked up reviews; I shared what I had heard around town; and he read all he could find about windstorm and how homes should be built in South Texas.

Very quickly, we both realized Hogan was the right choice for us. The approval process was quick and painless along with the building timeline being reasonable. I recall us getting cold feet at one point anticipating the monthly payments. Speaking with our sales counselor and loan officer, they put our minds at ease. We both felt they went the distance to ensure we would be comfortable and confident with in our new home financially.

The final walk thru with our superintendent was both nerve racking and informative. There was so much information to absorb. Our superintendent not only had remarkable attention to detail but was kind and attentive to our needs as far as reiterating important details and going over items we wouldn’t have known mattered as first time homeowners.

I was 21 years old when we purchased our first Hogan home. I probably didn’t make a ton of great decisions at that age, but buying my Hogan home was the best of that year. One thing I never thought about during our home buying process was the idea that I would feel safe in my home. Since buying our first Hogan home and becoming a Hogan sales counselor, the idea of feeling safe has taken on greater meaning. The idea that our homes are safe and secure. To know that if a storm hits, your home will still stand; that you and your children will not live in an environment surrounded by mold; that your roof is not going to cave from bad craftsmanship.

Built to last is why we bought our Hogan home and what I love to share with my customers.
This is one experience in my life that makes me proud – best decision ever.