Building More Than Homes: Hogan's Commitment to Local Partners

In a world where “local” often gets overshadowed by national giants, Hogan Homes sets itself apart with a strong commitment to community. When it comes to building your dream home in Corpus Christi, choosing a homebuilder deeply invested in the local economy has many benefits. With new houses for sale in Corpus Christi, Hogan Homes is not just building properties, but fostering a sense of community and connection.

Today, we’re exploring why Hogan Homes remains passionately local, especially when our landscape is seeing a surge of national builders.

Local Partnerships: The Backbone of Hogan Homes

Unlike our national competitors, who often sideline local talent, we place significant importance on local partnerships. We’ve collaborated with trusted names like McNatt A/C, Sergio, S&L Masonry, and Maverick Plumbing to deliver homes that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Kevin Hunter, a Superintendent overseeing the Aransas Pass community, Harbor Heights, perfectly sums it up:

“We like to use local vendors because of the convenience of being able to meet face to face with the people we deal with and to support local business. Using local vendors helps the community by keeping the money local and providing jobs for people in our area.”

The Benefits of Going Local

Familiarity with Local Building Requirements

First, local partners are well-versed in local building codes and regulations. This important knowledge ensures your home is built to the highest local standards.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Working with local teams means better efficiency and fewer delays. These efficiencies often translate into cost savings for you, the homeowner.

Boosting the Local Economy

By keeping our partnerships local, we put money directly back into the community, contributing to its overall economic health.

Trust and Reliability

The construction community in Texas is tight-knit. Having long-standing relationships means we can vouch for the trustworthiness and quality of our partners.

Paul Cervantes, CEO of Cervantes Electric, one of our local partners, says:

“I decided to work with Hogan Homes Builders because they share the same commitment to quality craftsmanship as I do. This partnership gives Cervantes Electric a chance to demonstrate our expertise and professionalism in the industry. It also helps us contribute to the satisfaction and peace of mind of homeowners.”

Why “Buy, Build Local” Is More Than Just a Slogan

For years, our message of “Buy, Build Local” has been a core aspect of our identity. But it’s not just a catchy slogan; it’s a philosophy ingrained in our operations. We stand by our commitment to not just build homes, but also to support our local craftsmen and tradesmen.

Local Superintendents and Local Partners Speak Volumes

Kevin Hunter further shares his experience, saying:

“Over the years I have built relationships with McCoy’s, McNatt heating and AC, Aston’s, Fergusons, and Randolph door and lighting but more importantly with my trades…De la Garza painting, De los Santos framing, Morales trim, Sam the Cabinet Installer, Mendez roofing, Premier Electric, and Maverick Plumbing. I use these same trades on every job and these guys are the ones that I depend on every day.”

As you can see, our local partnerships are not a mere business strategy; they are relationships we have nurtured over the years.

At Hogan Homes, our focus is to provide you with a home that lasts, built by people who live and breathe the local Texan spirit. When you choose Hogan Homes and buy a house for sale in Corpus Christi, you’re choosing a builder that stands by its community, quality, and – above all – its commitment to being local with a capital ‘L’.