Fall is an Ideal Time to Move: Top Moving and Packing Tips | Hogan Homes

Congratulations on your new home! Moving is one of those things that we have to face at some point in our life. Sometimes, it is unpleasant, it is not a fun chore, but it will surely give you a feeling of accomplishment.

There are pros and cons to moving at any season of the year, however, summer and fall are the busiest seasons for moving. Texas may be known for good, summer weather all year round, but the same can’t be said in other regions. Generally, the summer and fall weather make moving easier.

Summer is the season when the real estate market is most active. You’ll find the best selection of homes for sale between the months of May and September, since most homeowners want to capitalize on the increased buyer interest. If you are planning to sell your home, you might find that you’ll be able to find more buyers easily during this season.

During the fall, the peak season has passed, but it still has its share of advantages. After the summer rush, things have slowed down, giving you more flexibility in terms of your schedule. In addition, you won’t experience the delays that come with crews moving multiple homes in a day to extremely hot weather. You can also take advantage of the cheaper moving rates during this season.

To help you get started, below are some of the top packing and moving tips so that the chore doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

1. Get rid of unnecessary things

Make the task simpler by cutting back on clutter. Do a merciless purge of unnecessary and unused items. This way, you will have less to pack and move.

2. Organize the things that you’ll need in a folder

Put and organize purchase papers, new addresses, and contracts and records of payments or agreements – anything that you’ll be needing to make your move seamless – into one folder. If concerns come up during the moving process, you’ll have the answers on hand.

3. Book early

If you are thinking about hiring renting supplies, moving services, or hiring professionals like cleaners or painters, it is best to book early. This way, you’ll avoid paying higher fees, especially if you are going to move during peak season.

4. Invest in equipment

Stock up on supplies. Purchase adhesive bandages, box cutters, packing tape, garbage bags, and permanent markers. The last thing you want is to run to the store for supplies on the day of the big move.

5. Keep the essentials handy

Pack everyday essentials on the night before the move, like a toothbrush, a change of clothes, some snacks, bottles of water, medications, must-have toys for the kids, or paperwork. If for some reason the moving truck becomes delayed or gets lost, at least you’ll have the essentials with you.

Additional packing tips:
  • Avoid leaving empty spaces in the boxes.
  • Use the right size boxes.
  • When packing, put the lighter items on top. The heavier items should be on the bottoms of boxes.
  • Label every box with the room it’s for and itemize the contents of each.
  • Tape your boxes well.
  • Take extra care packing the kitchen.

We hope that these top packing and moving tips will help you get organized as early as possible, reduce the amount of work, and make the moving process smoother.

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