Foolproof Closet Organization Tips

The plethora of shows that feature home organization tips all agree on the same thing: keeping your home in order and your closets organized may give you a feeling of euphoria. Anyone would love to have that, however, a quick glance in our cupboards and closets is a painful reminder that it is not that simple to do without an organization expert and a camera crew to help us through the project.

We are here to help with some foolproof closet organization tips to help you tackle your project with more confidence. And before you know it, your closet will be in tip-top shape and you’ll always know where to locate your prized pair of jeans or your favorite sweater.

Diagnose the problem areas

Determine the possible reasons why your closet is out of control. Does it feel overstuffed? Is your bag or shoe collection bursting at the seams? Do you find it challenging to locate your accessories? Figuring these things out will help you formulate a better plan to resolve these issues.

Set aside time

Your closet organization project may require a lot of time. Schedule a day and time when you can devote your full attention to this task. Allotting a full weekend for your project might seem like a lot, however, it will help you complete your project with less stress and at a comfortable pace.

Empty your closet

You might think that this is a drastic measure, but stay with us – empty everything, including bins, hangers, and everything else. Start with a clean slate as this will allow you to plan and visualize your project.

Clean surfaces

As soon as everything is cleared out, it is time to give your closet a deep clean. Sweep or vacuum the floor, wipe down all the surfaces including the baseboards and walls, and give your bins and baskets a good dusting.

Declutter and group belongings

This may be the part that you are either dreading or looking forward to. Focus on what you want to keep instead of the stuff that you ‘may need one day’ or ‘used to be in style.’ Sort your belongings into categories – keep, consign, donate, or trash. Here are some helpful questions that will help you decide:

  • Do you wear it?­­
  • Do you love it?
  • Does it help project the image you want to portray?

If you answer ‘yes’ to all three questions, then you can place the item in the keeper pile.

Maintenance is key

Proper maintenance is key to having an organized closet. It would be best if you dedicate a few minutes every week to do this. Keep in mind these closet organization tips and evaluate your closet every now and then to ensure that everything is where it belongs. Schedule a seasonal clean-up every year so you do not have to go through a major organization session again.

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