This year, we have all been confronted with new challenges & disruptions to our everyday life. For most of us, we also have participated in an extended lockdown at our own homes. You might have already noticed how our home’s interior affects your physical comfort, moods, and ability to work productively. Although we have all been navigating new challenges & uncertainty during this lockdown, we have the opportunity to utilize our time to be more creative in our very own homes!
This year’s top interior design trends are focused on combining bold colors, textures, and pieces of décor with timeless, tranquil elements. Calming and bold colors, open-plan living, statement wallpaper and ceilings, 70s-inspired furniture, and sustainably-sourced décor are just a few trends that will surely give your home a refresh.

8 Interior Design Trends for Ultimate Home Inspiration 

Are you building a new home from scratch? Or moving into a pre-build home with its own unique floorplan? Interior design is the best way to transform your home into a space of your own. Take a look at these interior design trends for all the inspiration you need:

1. Tranquil, Earthy Hues

The official Dulux Color of the Year for 2020 is known as Tranquil Dawn. A soft, neutral, muted green is as calming as you can get for nearly any room in your home. It’s also an incredibly versatile shade that is capable of changing the mood of a room. To bring out this earthy color’s best qualities, pair it with a soft cream, light pink or steely grey as an accent color.
Another popular, calming color for 2020 is classic blue, which was named the Pantone Color of the Year.  The classic blue is a simple, clean, crisp, self-assured, and poised hue that is easy to incorporate into most rooms in the home.

2. Sustainable Materials 

It’s no secret that the world is moving towards a more sustainable way of sourcing, shopping, and decorating for the home. In the world of interiors, there is a big push towards upcycling materials and furniture in 2020. As people become more conscious about the environmental impact of home design, many are shopping for locally-sourced materials or purchasing goods made from recycled materials.
Here are some top tips to help you as you do your part in becoming more sustainable while supporting American businesses:
  • Look for the FSC logo when buying wooden furniture — this means that the materials have been sustainably sourced
  • Consider buying rugs and other textiles made from plastic bottles, instead of other expensive materials
  • Do some research on buying and selling second-hand furniture on sites such as Freecycle, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace
Remember, when you buy local, it stays local. Buying local not only keeps money in the community, but it also helps you save money, and is actually better for the planet if you can reduce transportation costs. However, if you can’t quite find the sustainable materials or pieces for your home locally, you can browse for specific pieces or an entire set on websites such as

3. Open-Plan, Multi-Purpose Living Spaces 

As an architectural trend, 2020 puts great emphasis on how interior space is used. The goal is to integrate different areas of the home to create diaphanous environments that work together. This will ultimately maximize your living space, especially if you have less of it.
Trends come and go, but open plan living spaces are here to stay. Open-plan living is a great way to bind the kitchen, living room, and the rest of the home to create a huge light-filled and multi-functional space.  Integrating the living room with the kitchen means no annoying walls getting in the way, allowing light to travel all throughout the ground floor, and giving you a few extra meters of living space to enjoy.

4. 70’s-Inspired Statement Furniture

Organic, curved shapes have given rise to puffy pieces of furniture that are great as statement pieces throughout your home. This voluptuous furniture trend has done a full 360, reemerging into the interior design world this year.
Examples include upholstered items of furniture such as sofas, occasional chairs, and divans that are on-trend with their asymmetrical design and rounded edges.

5. Mixed Textures of Warm Wood 

The inclusion of warm wood textures blends perfectly well with the calm color trend this year.
Natural woods varying in tone from bleached, golden, beachy, and dark are a great way to add personality throughout your home. Update your kitchen cabinets with a horizontal wood grain. Using horizontal wood grain, add wood panelling to your ceiling or convert an accent wall with thin, slatted-style panels.

6. Statement Wallpaper From Top-to-Toe

The Single-print wallpaper is another trend that has come full circle and is set to make a tasteful splash on homes in 2020. The simplicity (and repetition) of a single-print wallpaper from floor to ceiling is a great way to create both drama and style in any room.
A single-print wallpaper can certainly add a touch of timeless glamour to a study, guest bedroom, or even a bathroom. The idea is to go bold. However, if a top-to-toe wallpaper intimidates you, try it out on an accent wall first.

7. Biophilic Home Design 

Today’s advanced, technological world has given rise to the biophilic trend. The overall premise is to reconnect with the earth and the benefits of nature by creating a ”green space” inside the home.
A simple way to incorporate biophilic design is by adding a living wall to a communal area. This can be achieved by mounting floating shelves and stacking them with living plants.

8. The Painted Ceiling

The accent wall is still a great way to add character and detail to any room, but the statement ceiling is a trendy alternative for 2020. Create a dramatic look and feel to your room by choosing a color on your ceiling that completely contrasts your walls.
If you’re not ready to commit to painting, go for a bold ceiling wallpaper. Remember to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls if you are working with a smaller room or perhaps use a lighter shade.

Find Your Perfect Home with Hogan Homes 

We hope these interior design trends have brought you some form of inspiration for your home — whether you’re redecorating or decorating from scratch!
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