Moving With Pets: How to Help Your Pets Adjust to Your New Home

Moving to a new house in Corpus Christi, TX? This is surely an exciting moment for the family; however, it can also be a stressful time. There’s a lot packing, heavy lifting, planning, and cleaning to do – not to mention that you have to do it all over again once you are actually in your new home. It can be time-consuming and full of unwanted surprises. We will all feel the stress, and so does your precious furry family member.

Help make moving with pets easier with these tips.

Preparing for your move

  • In the days before the move, keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible. Feeding times, playtime, walks, and bedtime should stay the same.
  • Allow your pet to be familiar with moving supplies and try to create a positive association with them. For instance, you can toss treats into a box and let your pet get them.
  • Ensure that your pet has an up-to-date, secure collar complete with identification tags. Having your pet microchipped is a great option, just be sure that it is updated with your phone number and new address.
  • Introduce your pet to a car harness or a travel crate a few weeks before the move. They should be able to view it as a cozy retreat. It will be helpful if you place their blanket and familiar toys inside.

Helping your pet transition after moving in

  • Try to minimize your pet’s anxiety after moving in. You do not want to rush your pet into unfamiliar situations. Some pets will want to stay near a family member all the time, while others may be more comfortable in a quiet spot. Exercise patience as your pet navigates your new home, figuring out the new smells and sights until the place feels like home to them.
  • Do your best to keep up with regular schedules and routines. Do not get lax about play times, walks, or feeding schedules. Try to feed them in a similar location. For instance, if you always feed your pet near the kitchen, do that in your new home. Now is also not a great time to try out a new harness or collar or new dog foods. Try to keep things as familiar as much as possible: the same beat-up food bowl, the same old gnawed toys, and shredded blankets.

The whole process of moving can be quite stressful – both for the family and your pet. Understand that just like us, it will take some time for our pets to adjust to any new environment. This is the time for plenty of playtimes, hugs, and extra attention. Once your pet has settled in your new home in Corpus Christi and figures out that the new home is safe and permanent, some routine changes will be easier for them.


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