Moving into your new house in Corpus Christi, TX? In spite of all the hard work and preparations, this is truly a very exciting time. Your journey will surely be filled with great surprises and wonderful rewards, and this includes having a space you and your family can call your own. So let us at Hogan Homes be the first to say, “Welcome home!”

Right now, we are pretty sure that you are working through a lot of lists that you might miss some essentials that the family needs after you have unloaded the last box. A good checklist of new home essentials will ensure that your move-in will be as smooth as possible.

Do not feel overwhelmed, especially if you are about to move into your first home. At the most basic level, your family will only require the essentials to be able to live well. A lot of these items are the ones that you are going to use for food preparation. Of course, you can always add more household items as needed. But today, we present the minimum of housewares every new homeowner must have.

Basic kitchen essentials

The kitchen is typically the most active room in the house, and you will only need the basic kitchenware to cook. Stocking your kitchen will most likely mean that you have to spend a little more money upfront, but it will prove to be more cost-effective. Homecooked meals are not only more nutritious, but your family will also be less likely to eat out, saving you money in the long run.

Start your kitchen off right by buying a good utensil set with the essentials. Items such as spatulas, a big spoon, spatula, tongs, whisk, colander, vegetable peeler, kitchen scissors, cheese grater, and a can opener is a good place to begin.

Silverware, glassware, and dinnerware are all essential items in any home. They don’t need to be the absolute best, just choose a set that fits into your budget. Add a basic set of drinking glasses and some coffee mugs so you can enjoy a warm drink.

At a minimum, your kitchen should have a skillet, sheet pan, as well as a saucepan. Purchasing a set of the basic pans, pots, and bakeware will help you save money.
It’s always wise to have a good set of knives, as they are the backbone of the kitchen. Also, a cutting board will protect your cookware and countertops from damage.

Storage solutions

You want to be able to use what space you have efficiently and effectively. Look for storage solutions for every room in your home to keep it clutter-free and organized.
Keep your cupboards and drawers neat and tidy with a few basic organizers. A good set of hangers will prevent your closets from getting out of hand. You can also add some carefully chosen storage organizers or closet shelves.

Laundry essentials

Even if you have to go to the laundromat, laundry is still an essential part of the home. Add a hamper and some laundry baskets to your list, along with fabric softener, dryer balls and sheets, drying rack, and detergent. If your clothes require regular ironing, add an iron and an ironing board to your list.
If you typically wear casual clothes, you may not need an ironing board. A table covered with a towel may serve as your makeshift board.

Basic appliances

As you settle into your new home, you can always add more appliances, but there are some basic kitchen appliances that you should consider purchasing right away to make the family’s everyday life more convenient.

The top choices are a toaster, a coffeemaker, and a microwave. When choosing appliances, always choose models that are appropriate for how much you are going to use them, and always think about the amount of counter space you have available. It would be also nice to have a food processor or a blender for pureeing food and making smoothies.

There are other items that might not need as much consideration as your essential purchases, but it’s always wise to buy a good mattress and some bathroom essentials.

Now that you have signed the dotted line, it’s high time to make preparations for the move. This list of new home essentials will help ensure that your family enjoys every minute in your new home!