Purposeful Home Office Features: Making Them Work for You

Since the pandemic started, the work culture has shifted drastically. And even as restrictions have eased, the interest in permanent work from home set-up is generally high among employees and is becoming more accepted by businesses. In fact, more and more employers are embracing the work-from-home trend and have implemented remote work policies.

This setup certainly gives a lot of flexibility for employees; however, it also brings with it the need for a better home office setup with more purposeful home office features. At Hogan Homes, we have noticed this shift. We now say goodbye to those times when the home office is in a space near the corner of the living room or at the kitchen counter. Instead, today’s home office is a purposeful, highly functional area that deserves thoughtful consideration.

If you are planning to create a dedicated space for work, remember that the key to a productive, happy, and effective work area is to design a space that functions well. Here are a few tips for creating a purposeful home office that you will love.

Consider the location

Your work area should receive a lot of natural light and should be situated in an area which receives less noise and gives you more privacy. You will want the room away from the living area and the kitchen, which will prevent household noise from distracting you.

Light influences how you feel. Studies reveal that natural light helps improve mood and increase productivity. Your view from a window will also influence how you feel about your chosen space. Will a view of the garage or your lawn inspire you?

Consider functionality

Before plunging into your home office project, think carefully about how you will use it. How many household members will use it? What types of furniture will you want in the room? How much desk space do you need? How much time will you be spending there? What do you need to store in the room? How many outlets do you need? These are good questions to ask yourself before you embark on your project.

Consider storage

According to Harvard Business Review, the physical environment of the workplace impacts how we work. Clutter can make your work area unproductive. To combat clutter, create lots of storage space.

Storage may be an afterthought when you are designing your home office, but giving it the attention it deserves will make for a more organized – and more productive – work area.

Today, the home office is considered an important room of the house. Making wise design decisions by incorporating purposeful home office features will encourage a better home-life balance.


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