Choosing a new home in Corpus Christi, TX? A home is normally the biggest single investment you will ever make, and you would want to take your time in looking for the perfect place. You should know a lot about the house by the time you are ready to buy it! It is always a good idea to get all your questions answered so that you’ll have peace of mind about your new purchase.

You will most likely be wrapped up in the exciting decisions – “What floorplan would suit my family best?” “What features are standard in the houses that the homeowners build?”

Yes, it is important for you to ask the right questions. It might be relatively easy to fall in love with a home that you might lose sight of the practical considerations. We have put together this helpful list.

1. What’s the location like?

The location matters and is very important. Even with the same zip code, there can be a huge difference between the two neighborhoods. Take time to look around to ensure that the location is exactly what you are looking for, be it a family-friendly atmosphere, a nearby highway, access to good schools and certain amenities, or any other factors that will tell you whether you and your family will be happy where you will reside.

Good to know: Hogan Homes’ neighborhoods are developed with your family and lifestyle in mind.

2. How long has the homebuilder been in the business?

The experience of the homebuilders matters too. Get a better idea of the homebuilder’s qualification and reputation by browsing through their website, asking about their past projects, and how many projects have they completed so far.

To get first-hand information about the service they provide, you can choose to ask their past clients. You are looking for an experienced, professional homebuilder who offers outstanding customer service and will collaboratively work with you.

Good to know: Hogan Homes has been building quality homes in the South Texas community for  55 years.

3. What are the costs involved?

A common mistake that a lot of potential homeowners make is going for the cheapest quote. This shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Do your homework to determine why a homebuilder is cheaper or more expensive. A good sales team should be able to point out the differences.

Good to know: Before the construction of your new home, the team at Hogan Homes will sit down with you and go over every single detail. We will review all the options you’ve chosen, make sure they are all clear and agreed upon. We want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

4. What does my contract include? 

All contracts are binding, so make sure that everything on your contract has been understood by both parties and agreed upon. You should know exactly what you are signing up for. Be sure to ask for clarifications if there are some technical jargon that you don’t understand.

Good to know: We all know that unlike other industries, a construction contract isn’t composed of a single document. There is a lot to consider, understand, and sign! At Hogan Homes, our sales professionals will help you navigate through the process. We provide all of our homeowners with a great informational piece, all compiled neatly in one red binder, which includes all the paperwork you’ll need. This way, everyone stays involved, and we are all on the same page throughout the construction process.

The doors of Hogan Homes are always open, from the time when you are choosing your new home, and even after your newly-built home closes. Your journey with us has just begun. If any issues come up, we are here for you. We are happy to help in any way we can! Know more about what sets our company apart from the rest.