The recent pandemic has had many people clamoring for a home refresh – or possibly looking for a new environment, a new home.

If you are looking to start your next home improvement project, it’s always wise to upgrade with desirable features that add functionality and convenience to your space. If you are thinking about selling your home and buying another, do not make the mistake of not adding features that home buyers want the most. Of course, you will get a lot of use of the home upgrades, but considering what you will be doing in the next 5 or 10 years should also be a factor in your home upgrade decisions.

Before upgrading your home, consider what projects will be considered desirable for someone who is going to shop for a home a few years from now and will also give a good balance of fulfilling your family’s everyday need.

Top 4 must-have home features for home buyers

 1. Energy efficiency

This is a top home feature that has earned high marks to home buyers. Savvy home buyers understand that quality craftsmanship, refined design, and premium building materials are essential elements to consider when looking for a new home. Not only does every Hogan Home feature these, but their homes are also built to include a hard-to-spot but equally important factor: energy efficiency. This includes having energy-efficient lighting, appliances, programmable thermostats, home insulation, and modern windows. Homebuyers also value energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems.

Energy efficiency is a lot more about saving electricity. It comes with a multitude of benefits! Whether your motivations for energy conservation are environmental, personal, or economic, the advantages of energy efficiency have a lot to offer. Here are just some of them:

  • It is very cost-efficient
  • The family will be healthier and more comfortable
  • Protects the environment

2. An open-concept kitchen layout

This is also at the top of buyers’ wish lists. This concept includes an inclusive dining area and a kitchen island. In fact, designers and realtors agree that modern kitchen upgrades give better returns compared to a bathroom remodel. Other appealing kitchen upgrades are:

Top 4 Features Home Buyers Want the Most | Hogan Homes Builders Texas

3. Laundry room

This has become a game-changer. In fact, the laundry room has consistently topped the list of must-have home amenities. Having a dedicated area for laundry, folding, and ironing that is conveniently located on the first floor will make the task less labor-intensive.

4. An outdoor space

Concluding our list of the top home features buyers want is a nice patio and an outdoor space. Homebuyers want green space. In fact, a large percentage of them are willing to sacrifice a bigger house to get a larger yard.  A relatively inexpensive but very popular staging tip is to ensure that you also pay attention to your outdoor space, which includes the front/back porch, patios, and landscaping. This project will surely attract some serious home buyer attention.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider these home upgrades as these are features that home buyers want the most. Remember, the majority of prospective buyers want modern-looking homes that offer comfort, quality, and convenience.

Top 4 Features Home Buyers Want the Most | Texas Home Builders | Hogan Homes


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