As daylight hours become more precious and days shorten, interiors that felt colorful and bright during the spring and summer may now seem more subdued. Office spaces and living rooms are typically the areas in the home that need the most help overcoming the dimmer days.

Exposure to natural light has been found to enhance mood and wellbeing, and a home with lots of natural light can give the feeling of more space and can make the space brighter and lighter. A survey conducted by a window, door, and blinds manufacturer revealed that 26% of homebuyers have natural light in their list of must-have features in the home.

Make the most out of natural light this season with these tips.

Light colors

Lighter colors can make a space feel brighter as it does not absorb the natural light entering the room. Instead, it reflects it. Introduce lighter colors to your walls by replacing block colors in favor of an off-white shade that will immediately create a warm effect. You may also choose to paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls to create the illusion of space and height.

Free up your windows

Clear your windows of any obstruction to open them up to the sunlight. Get rid of wall fittings near the windows, heavy drapes, or heavy curtain accessories, since these can act as barriers to natural light. That being said, another easy way to increase the amount of light in your home is to replace heavy window dressings with sheer curtains.

Position mirrors where light hits

Overall, mirrors can brighten up any room, but interestingly, they can lure light into darker areas of a room. Putting a large mirror across a window will reflect light as if it were a window and bounce light across the room.


Choose and arrange furniture to optimize how natural light flows through a room. Instead of anchored, heavier pieces, choose tailored, leggy furniture that’s airier. Go for lighter-colored pieces in place of cooler grays – we get enough of that during the fall and winter seasons. Cover dark flooring with light-colored rugs.

Go glossy, but exercise caution

Shiny surfaces will reflect the light filtering into the room. When it comes to the bathroom or kitchen, you don’t necessarily need to choose cream or white, any pale hue will work equally well. In other rooms of the house, adding accessories or furniture with a reflective surface can help brighten the room and make the most of the light available.

While there is no amount of design magic that can transform a gloomy home into a sunny one, these top tips to infuse natural light in your home this season will surely help brighten your home’s interiors.

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