Looking for new homes for sale in Corpus Christi, TX? It’s time to schedule a model home visit.

There are many model homes displayed across Corpus Christi, and naturally, they all want to show their best side. But not all model homes are built to the same standard. Hogan Homes has over 50 years of building quality homes that are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of families, locations, and lifestyles. You can view them here:

While visiting a model home might sound as easy as hopping in the car and going for a tour around the neighborhood, there is a right way – and a wrong way – to tour a model home.

Think of this experience as a catwalk in Fashion Week. A model home is one of the best ways to showcase what a builder can do. By getting a good understanding of what to look for, you’ll avoid frustration and confusion once the homebuilding process starts.

When looking for a model home in Corpus Christi, there are some areas that are worthy of extra attention. Use our guide below so you can find the perfect mix of value, quality, and imagination in your dream home.

1. Check the fixtures

Tiles, faucets, countertops, and door handles are largely a matter of taste. Try not to get caught up with every little item, but before you go to the model home, be clear on your ‘must-haves,’ and do think about which ones bring value to you.

2. Does the layout work for your family’s lifestyle?

The model home might look great on the website, but visiting a model home will surely give you an idea of the home’s feel and flow. Is having a back porch important to you? Do you like the idea of having a nice entryway? Would you prefer having a cross breeze through your home on pleasant days? Hogan Homes are not mass-produced affairs. They are built by professional craftspeople, so we are accommodating to provide you with options that better reflect your needs.

3. Get to know the materials

There is only so much you can glean from online images or a floor plan of a model home. Take note of what materials you like and be clear about what you like about the model home.  Exploring the home firsthand can be a fantastic way to decide if a specific finish is what you are looking for. Do the cabinets feel as solid as they look? Seeing the actual features of the home can solidify your desire for it.

Some final tips

How does the home look through your eyes? Be sure to take your own photos. Remember that you are on the hunt for your ideal home, so take as many photos to help you decide on the elements that really matter to you.

Trust your gut. Many life-altering decisions seem to rest with logical thinking, but it is worth asking: “Does it feel right?” Keep in mind that it won’t be just about the home you will be living in, but the relationship you are going to have with your homebuilder that is really on display when you visit a model home.

Quality craftsmanship has been the cornerstone of every community Hogan Homes has built. We offer a range of home designs and floor plans with premium features. Get in touch with us to visit our model homes and tour available homes for sale in Corpus Christi, TX.