Orange and bright gold, hiking, camping, and good cheer, the season of fall holds is own magic. It’s the time of festivities, and it’s also a time to run a thorough house check to prepare for winter. In Texas, fall is an ideal time to check what needs replacing, what systems are working fine, and where you can boost energy efficiency.
The fall home maintenance checklist below has the important home maintenance items you need to accomplish this season.  Read this guide to help you tackle autumn chores, so that your yard and home are all buttoned up and prepared for the colder months ahead.

1. HVAC inspection

Fall is the time to do some preventive maintenance and detect faults. Make sure that the vents have no blockage, especially the space around furniture. Clogged ducts, air filters, and vents bring down the efficiency and output on an HVAC system, so replace what should be replaced, and clean what must be cleaned. Make sure that your air conditioning and heating systems are free of debris. Schedule a professional servicing if the warranty still applies. Also, make sure to subject the furnace and heating settings to rigorous testing.

2. Roof scan

If nothing more, your roof deserves an annual inspection. Twisted or cracked shingles, mold, birds’ nest, dirt, algae, debris, or grime is an unwelcome sight. Be sure to also check for leakage. Adding strength to your roof will certainly pay off in the long run.

3. Yard

Your landscape should be a major item in fall preparations. Fall is the best season to fertilize, as the cooler temperatures of the season give the perfect setting for your lawn to regain its strength. This is the time when your turf recovers from the stresses of summer. Fertilizing during fall will also give you great winter color, enhance your spring clean-up, and increased rooting. If you have trees and shrubs on your property, consider hiring a landscaping expert or an arborist to care for them. The pros can check for poor health early on to prevent problems, and know how to prune properly to avoid falling branches or limbs in case of hurricanes or storms.

4. Kitchen

Regular kitchen maintenance is important. During the autumn months, it’s best if you do a thorough cleaning. Wipe or wash surface dirt, check for food residue, snapped cords, or an infestation. Rinse the utensils, spray a good disinfectant, clean up ducts, racks, and stoves. Ensure all appliances are in tip-top shape. Be sure to check the kitchen chimney too.

5. Check the gutters and rain ducts

Obstructed gutters or pipes get flooded in time. Check these areas as thoroughly as you can. If they get flooded, the surrounding walls will soak up water, causing them to become blotchy and weak. Also, any sign of leakage needs your immediate action.

6. Check safety devices

This includes:
These items for fall home maintenance is best done today. Take advantage of the moderate weather to take care of any damages before the first frost sets in. It will spare you from costly damages in the future.
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