The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true – especially when it comes to maintaining your home. Your home is your biggest investment, and having a consistent, regular schedule of preventative home maintenance will keep your house in great condition and can keep you from dealing with problems later on. Regular preventative home maintenance is also easier – and less expensive – than waiting until something breaks and then rushing to get it fixed.

Follow this simple home maintenance checklist to preserve your home’s value, eliminate service delays, and keep the family comfortable throughout the seasons.

1. Winter

The focus of winter home maintenance is damage control from harsh weather conditions.

•    Check the lower roof and gutters for ice  leaf blocks.
•    Clean the garage and other areas of the house that often gets neglected during the hot summer months.
•    Ensure that your lawn is not pooling with water. Check your irrigation systems.
•    Keep an eye out for roof lines. If there are obstructing branches, be sure to have them removed.

2. Spring

Spring should be all about cleaning up the mess brought about by the colder season.

•    Providing that the roof is dry, check flashing, shingles, and vents for signs of damage.
•    Clean the gutters.
•    Clean window screens.
•    Clean or replace air conditioner filters. Have your unit serviced, if possible.
•    Replace the batteries of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
•    Vacuum lint from the dryer vent.
•    Power wash windows.

3. Summer

The warm temperatures of summer will give you ideal working conditions to make intensive repairs.

•    Get rid of sediments from your water heater by flushing it.
•    Clean or repair your deck or patio.
•    Clean debris from your window wells.
•    Wash your wood fences. Apply sealant if needed.
•    Clean the filters of your kitchen exhaust fan.
•    Check bathroom and kitchen cabinets for leaks.
•    Seal tile grout.
•    Oil door hinges and the garage door.

4. Fall

This season is all about preparing your home for the colder months ahead.

•    Have the furnace service do annual maintenance.
•    Remove debris and leaves from water features.
•    Aerate your lawn and rake the leaves.
•    Check the fireplace for signs of hazard or damage.
•    Inspect the roofing for loose, missing, or damaged shingles.
•    Remove leaves from downspouts and gutters.
•    Seal gaps and cracks in doors and windows with weather stripping or caulk.
•    Check for frayed wired and cords.
•    Check the water heater for leaks.

Regular home inspection and monthly home maintenance projects will surely make your home easier to manage. To save time and money, follow the home maintenance checklist outlined above.