Hogan Homes announces its Chief Financial Officer, Diana Summers, has accepted recent appointments by the Corpus Christi City Council to serve on the City of Corpus Christi’s Type B Corporation as well as the Business and Job Development Corporation Boards, serving through September 30, 2020. 
Diana brings her knowledge of the home building and development industries as well as her financial and auditing background and experience to the board. “I’m thrilled to be working with a great team to help make our local economy healthier and more inclusive with greater quality jobs. I look forward to sharing my business experience and background as a means to a brighter future for our community of which we can all be proud.”
Paulette Guajardo, City Council Member At Large, confirms, “I am proud to move forward Diana Summers nomination to the very important Type A board. Diana’s experience as a corporate financial officer and philanthropic leadership uniquely qualifies her for this role.”
The mission of the Corpus Christi Business and Jobs Development and Type B Corporations is to promote and enhance the City of Corpus Christi’s economic base by supporting projects and programs that create new local primary jobs, improve small business and affordable housing opportunities, and also improvements to the infrastructure within the city of Corpus Christi. The Corpus Christi B Corporation administers the proceeds of the Type B sales tax, initiated in 2018, with the use of the proceeds for: (1) 50% for economic development, specifically the promotion and development of new and expanded business enterprises to the full extent allowed by Texas law; (2) up to $500,000 annually on affordable housing; and (3) the balance of proceeds to be used for construction, maintenance and repair of arterial and collector streets and roads.