We have saying here at Hogan, that we are ‘Hogan Strong’. We’ve always known that we build the best homes and have the greatest team. Nothing could have possibly prepared us for what happened with Hurricane Harvey, but we were as ready as we could be and faced Category 4 hurricane Harvey with everything we had. Nothing could have more exemplified being ‘Hogan Strong’ than what our team accomplished this past week and what we will face together in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Upon the announcement, that the remnants of former hurricane Harvey may possibly reform, our team started taking all the necessary precautions to make sure we were ready. Our V.P. of Construction Steven Emerson led the charge. He personally inspected all jobsites to identify which sites needed extra attention. We suspended all material deliveries for the week to limit potentially flying debris. We utilized all our vendors and crews in the cleanup effort of the jobsites, and we had dumpsters emptied continuously throughout the week. Wednesday the storm was upgraded to a Tropical Depression or Category 1 Hurricane. Our management team kept in close contact to make sure that we were getting the most up to date news on the storm’s progression.

Thursday, Hogan’s leadership team started with the 5:00 am official storm update, forecasters still predicting Harvey to be a Category 1 hurricane at landfall. We all decided that as slow as Harvey was moving over the warm gulf waters that it would gain strength and intensify. We made the decision to start boarding up, to ensure the safety of our homes, our homeowners, and our neighborhoods.


We gave our incredible superintendent the notice to start securing properties 8:00 am. Keith, Jesse, Mike, Mondo, Rudy, Mark, Marcus, and Kevin, you guys are real force to be reckoned with, to say it was a daunting task would be a gross understatement, it was truly herculean. We’ve always known that our superintendents were the strongest team out there and they truly showed their brawn, grit, and determination.

  • Boarded up and secured 50 homes
  • Moved materials into garages to prohibit them from becoming airborne
  • Drove bolts and nails to secure materials that couldn’t be moved
  • Moved all barricades and signs into garages
  • Emptied Dumpsters and brought back to site for the recovery clean up

Sales Team

Our sales team of Nicole, Jessica, Kelsey, Misty, Krystal, and Ryan met Thursday morning as well. We fortunately had a plan in place should we face a storm like Harvey and they rose to the occasion without hesitation. Our sales team showed immense strength and dedication to protecting their buyer’s and homeowner’s homes and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

  • Packed their own and superintendent’s offices
  • Pulled sales signs, moved furniture
  • Supported superintendents
  • Pulled hard copies of all buyer contact information to provide updates on homes
  • Documented and photographed properties

office team

Last but certainly not least was our great office team. Led by our fearless VP of Administration Lea Anne Lemon, our office team of Krista, Patty, Roxanne, Kim, Amy, Celeste and Shannon were tasked with preparing our business office for the storm. Ladies, thank you for all that you did, you did it with such strength and grace, we never had to ask you to do anything, you just got it all taken care of.

  • Packed and relocated office computers and documents
  • Secure important data we would potentially need in the recovery
  • Backed up and secured servers, so we could be up and running quickly
  • Insured all vendors, tradesmen, and employees would be paid on time throughout the storms arrival and aftermath

As Harvey arrived, we all watched in disbelief as our beloved town of Rockport was hit hardest. We all prayed that our homeowners that stayed behind were safe in their homes as Harvey ravaged and ransacked a town with so much character and charm. Reports started rolling in about the extensive and devastating damage. We did our best to only pass on the reports with secondary confirmation as to not contribute to the hysteria. It was such an incredibly sad night and we all prayed that the losses would be minimal.

The next morning, our team members started checking on the damage that Harvey had caused. We were so relieved to hear that the homes we built in Terra Mar and Northwest Crossing in Corpus survived the storm with minimal damage and that our Bay Ridge subdivision in Portland stood strong as well with little damage.

Saturday afternoon, we received the first reports from our subdivisions in Rockport, Wandering Oaks, Lighthouse Cove, Sea Oaks Village, and Tuscan Villas Our homes stood like sentinels through the storm guarding our homeowners and their belongings valiantly. Homeowner after homeowner reached out to our Rockport sales counselor thanking us for building a quality home that withstood the effects of Harvey. We even heard from one homeowner who had stayed through the storm that he was alive because of his Hogan Home. It was truly humbling and inspirational to hear these testimonials from our homeowners that just faced the storm of the century.

Our team will continue to build the best quality home we can so that our homeowners can always depend on it to protect them, whether physically or financially. As the building industry has evolved, we have faced increasing pressures to sacrifice the quality of the materials used in the construction of our homes, those that are behind the walls that buyers don’t see. We are proud to say that we have not once given in to those pressures. We have refused to sacrifice the quality and strength of our homes. When so many lost so much, to see our homes standing tall in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is a true reflection of our commitment to our customers and mission.

But we are not done.

We love where we live and we plan on taking care of the communities here in the Coastal Bend. For our Hogan homeowners, we know that some of you suffered some damage. Should you like for us to repair those damages, we will now be offering remodeling and repair services for you on a by bid basis. We know that many of you will be working with your insurance company’s appraisers as well. As a service to you, we will try and provide as many repair estimates as possible to make sure that you receive the insurance coverage you need to get your home appropriately repaired. Requests for either of these services need to be sent to our warranty email warranty@hoganhomestexas.com with a subject line of either “Request for Repairs” or “Request for Estimate”.

We are truly blessed to have such loyal and dedicated team members, trades, and vendors, that dig deep when faced with adversity. This all is what we mean to be HOGAN STRONG and we promise that we will never falter or waiver in our commitment to building our homes with exceptional craftsmanship, continuously improve through persistent innovation by using the best possible building materials and rigorous oversite of their construction, and always work to transform our customer’s experience for the better.