Hogan Homes believes that choosing a home should be a rewarding experience. From the first foundation dig up to the last application of the paint, it is something that every homeowner will never forget.

We take huge pride in the way we build our homes. For the past 50 years, Hogan Homes has been building homes with the highest standards of quality. This is because we understand that nothing compares to having peace of mind knowing that your home is built to last a lifetime.

We are happy to share our expertise with you. Not only do we build the components of your home with attention to detail that is unmatched, but we’ll help you understand Hogan Homes’ every step to building a home, so you can know it inside and out.

Once you are done with the home buying process, you need to choose the perfect floor plan that will suit your needs. Hogan Homes makes this easy by offering a broad range of floor plans that are designed to accommodate a wide variety of styles and tastes. Feel free to explore our website to browse Hogan Homes’ Corpus Christi neighborhoods, and get in touch to visit our model homes and get a better look at our modern floor plans and quality construction.

You will then meet with one of our helpful and knowledgeable sales counsellors once you have a floor plan and community in mind. You can learn more about our home buying process here.

Rest assured that our sales professionals will help you navigate the entire home buying process. As soon as the paperwork is signed, we are ready to start building your home!

Our home building process consists of:


During this meeting, we will go over your final selections and take note of any changes. Your home plans will be submitted to the permit office for review since permits will be required for all or some of the following: building, plumbing, and electrical.

Preparation of the site and pouring of the foundation

The key to a home that lasts a lifetime is a solid foundation. Our team clears the site of debris, including trees and rocks. Excavation is done, and the footings are formed and poured. Site preparation also consists of identifying your home’s orientation and position based on technical requirements.

Our foundation will provide first-rate structural support for your home, since the Hogan build process is far more stringent and follows stricter standards for windstorm issues and humidity issues in addition to our mix of clay and sandy soils.


During this process, your home will take shape – from the floor panels at the bottom to the walls, and all the way up to the roof – and will come to life. As soon as it is framed, our team will install exterior windows and doors and roof shingles.

Rough mechanicals

After the framing stage, all the rough mechanicals, such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC cooling and heating ducts, will be installed. The wiring for smoke detectors, electrical outlets, cable and telephone lines will also be added. The rough mechanical stage covers all elements in the floors or windows that will be eventually covered by drywall.

Insulation and drywall

The next item in the homebuilding stage is insulation. Insulation helps make your home energy-efficient. Every Hogan home is built with our Hybrid Home standards that blend the latest innovations with superior quality. From materials to design, home building methods constantly change to incorporate new innovations and create more environmentally-friendly homes. When you choose a Hogan home, you’re choosing the latest and greatest in efficient, green home design.

Next, we will conduct a walkthrough pre-drywall to make sure that your selections are in place.

Finishing touches

On to the fun part – painting! Paint adds personality and color to your home, and this is done during the finishing phase. Hogan Homes uses premium paint that is specially designed to withstand the heat and humidity of Texas.

In addition to painting, your home will be fitted with exterior finishes and trim followed by the finishing of your mechanicals, including your new sinks, faucets, toilets, countertops and cabinets, light switches, fixtures, flooring, and outlet plugs. One of the last steps to tie your new home together is the shaping of your yard, and this will also be completed during this phase.


As soon as the final details are in place, we will educate you about every element in your home with a walkthrough. We will teach you about every area of your home, including its operation, making the process of moving in easier for you! Now’s the time to inspect every inch of your home to make sure that it is at par with your expectations.

We are with you every step of the home building journey

When the paperwork is complete, we’ll present you with the keys to your brand-new home. At Hogan Homes, this is our favorite part of the process – nothing beats seeing your happy faces! Be assured that our relationship doesn’t end after the home building process and after we hand you the keys; Hogan Homes will be there for you for any questions or support you need.